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We believe, that society is as strong as its ability to effectively communicate with each other.  Our mission is simple.  We aim to continue to develop the English language as one of the common lingual denominators in Europe.

You can help!  If you are a native English speaker, help teach English for children in the Budapest Children's homes.   Find out how

Donate, to help our cause!  You can donate directly via wire transfer or using your credit card with PayPal.  For details, please visit our donation page.

English for Successs Project

We promote the English language and practical education in Europe.  Our program focuses on expanding the skills of children in the children's homes in Hungary.  The pilot is already yielding extraordinary results and is being held in the Children's homes in the Budapest.


Our work complements existing academic efforts.  We tutor students and take a practical approach to teach children to read, write, speak and understand the English language, to type, to practice critical thinking and to understand the concept of individual responsibility..   

Our sponsor organization, The Public Foundation for a Responsible Society, is a non-profit, non government organization.  The program is actively managed by the European Prevention institute. 

"You are as many people as the languages you speak."